Tell me I’m cute or something so I can like roll my eyes at you but then blush when I think about it later

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My only thought at the end of that episode..


GO TO CASEY, GO TO CASEY! Because you know, even though they might not be perfect for each other anymore my shipper heart can’t handle them NOT being together anymore. Ya feel me? 

Exactly what I felt at the end of that episode!! YA DO FEEL ME!


As if your teacher doesn’t realize

everyone has their phones under their desks,

but he’s underpaid and overworked and

his whole world runs on plausible deniability,

so he shouts state-mandated, pass the test,

teach-to-the-middle nonsense at students

who are not at all fooled

by his false enthusiasm or false mathematics and

he pretends he’s teaching algebra and

the students pretend to be taught algebra and

everyone else involved in the system

is too invested to do anything

but pretend to believe them both.

-Vi Hart, “Connecting Dots” (via exlegelibertas)